Here you will find a magnificent selection of some of our memorials and monuments. From high quality standard head stones to one of a kind custom bespoke memorials, every taste and preference is catered for with the same craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer care. We offer the keenest prices with no hidden extras. Computerised, hand carved and lead lettering is also available.

We also offer additional inscriptions, re-lettering and re-guilding as well as granite signs and house names. Memorial design, layout and proofing is free as well as no obligation home calls. We will work on renovation, chippings, flower vases and plaques etc and all memorials are guaranteed and can be insured. We also provide temporary markers, plaques and wooden crosses. We also manufacture granite kitchen tops in all colour.

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An interesting point is that Glasnevin cemetery also offers a view of the changing style of death monuments in Ireland over the last 200 years: from the austere, simple, high stone erections of the period up until the 1860s, to the elaborate Celtic crosses of the nationalistic revival from the 1860s to 1960s, to the plain Italian marble of the late twentieth century. Glasnevin Cemetery has grown from its original nine to over 120 acres.

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