Our experienced and helpful staff can advise you and provide layouts of your chosen inscription superimposed on your existing memorial if required to ensure that you are completely satisfied with all aspects of the new inscription and that there are no errors contained therein. We will endeavour to match exactly the font, layout, style and format of the original inscription however It should be noted that it is impossible to match 100% another stonecutters style on handcut or computer generated fonts carried out a number of years ago unless the inscription is carved by the same stonecutter in similar workshop conditions.

Glasnevin Headstones execute additional inscription in all cemeteries and can offer you handcut or sandblasted lettering, raised lead lettering and lead lettering in a variety of enamelled colours or gold leaf finishes, We can also renovate or re paint or regild your existing memorial whilst carrying out this work and restore your memorial to its original pristine condition, Please see our renovation gallery in services on our web site for examples of this work.

Should there be no room for your chosen inscription we also can remove the memorial and polish off the inscription and reinscribe with your revised condensed inscription and also remove any mistakes that may have been made over the years.

Please contact us with your plot number, cemetery and required inscription and we will be happy to quote you for the work required.